During New York Comic Con 2013, Nintendo World proved to be the life of the party. In order to attract a massive amount of people, NW planted some luring and creative treats. To start, they held a brightly lit balloon above their booth which displayed pictures of a soon to be released game, Super Mario 3D World, for the Nintendo Wii.

Nintendo World (3)l

Unfortunately for other booths, Nintendo World’s “party balloon” wasn’t their only means of attracting faces, familiar and new alike. With the highly anticipated Pokemon X & Y game coming out for the 3DS on October 12th, what better way to boost up sales and recognition then to let gamers play it before release? Quite the dream, and apparently Nintendo World dreams big. Throughout the 4-day con (Oct 10th – 13th), they stationed several Nintendo 3Ds’ & Nintendo Wiis, along with TV monitors, throughout their booth. To top it off, most of the 3DS monitors had a Pokemon X & Pokemon Y sign attached to it. Thousands of attendees lined up to “catch ‘em all.”

Nintendo World (6)l

But Nintendo World didn’t stop there — they also had to please their Wii U fans. Attendees were also able to play the popular The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD, and the unreleased game Sonic Lost World (10/29/2013).

Nintendo World (1)l

During the weekend, a few Nintendo World employees admitted to having little to no sleep during their midnight launch of Pokemon X & Y on Saturday, October 12th. By Sunday, Oct. 13th, hundreds of gamers had already purchased the newest Pokemon game.

If you were at NYCC13, would you have waited in line to play X or Y? Who would your starter Pokemon be? And, most of all, which version would you purchase? Let us know!