As we took a good look at the Pokémon in our previous special, we’ll now take a gander at a feature that we’ve yet to mention: customizing your Pokémon Trainer!

Furfour groomed.

Don’t forget to keep up with your grooming schedule, else the fur will grow wild again.

We already covered the fact that Nintendo want us to identify more with our Pokémon. For example, you will be able to customize your Furfrou, if you are grooming it regularly, to fit your own Pokémon Trainer style.

Furthermore, we’ve already reported, in Pokémon X/Y: Welcome to Generation VI! – New Pokémon, that Nintendo released a trailer showcasing how far you are able to customize your avatar. Said trailer is full of customized Pokémon Trainers that smile into the camera, confirming that you will be able to fully change your appearance depending to your desire.

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Each city has its own boutique where you change your Pokémon Trainer’s appearance, and shops offer different styles depending on which city you’re in. You are able to change your hat, shoes and accessories, but, if you are not interested in spending hours in-front of the virtual mirror, you can just choose preset styles too.

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Apart from the clothes, you can switch to a different hairstyle as well. All you need to do is visit a Salon in the nearest city. Whenever you change your appearance, the icon on the Pokémon Global Link and PlayerSearchSystem changes, too.

After you have decided on a style and advanced far enough in the story, you can pay a visit to the PR Video Studio. There you are able to put together a ten second video showcasing you and your Pokémon. What exactly can be seen is up to you. Different poses, expressions and camera angles are waiting for you to try them out. You can change the background music, add special effects and more! It’s up to you how much effort you put into this video, and whether you wish it to be unique or a preset sample.

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Of course, all the work you put into your character won’t be for nothing. Apart from other people being able to view your video and avatar through the Pokémon Global Link and PlayerSearchSystem, Pokémon X and Y come with another new feature: Photo spots! While advancing in game, you will pass by several spots in Kalos where you can take a photograph. You’re going to have a fully working camera with which you can adjust zoom, brightness and other features as you please in order to get really good shots.

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Did you already decide on a look to go for? What would you like to see available as clothes?

source: | Trailer 13/09/2013