Pokemon Trozei 2 PreviewThe NHK show, The Professionals, recently showcased a new game in their episode featuring the Pokemon Company’s CEO, Tsunekaz Ishihara.

The first showcase of Pokemon games revealed images from a beta version of a Pokemon Trozei sequel. They discussed logistics of the game, such as the different screen sizes featured on Nintendo 3DS Consoles, and the intentions for the title to be a download-only title. The game’s developmental status is currently unknown.

Another game in the works features a detective game with Pikachu as a partner. The game is expected to be complete in two years and features motion capture, along with facial recognition to control the Pikachu. A talking Blue Pikachu is said to be featured, along with a rare Pikachu that may turn out to be the game’s main antagonist. If the game comes to fruition, we may expect it in 2015.

News on both of these titles will be posted as it is revealed. Let us know what you think.

[Via Serebii]